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I understand that your health extends beyond routine medical care. My mission is to take care of you as a whole person and not just as an injury. I provide an array of comprehensive services, emphasizing surgery as a last resort, and place a priority on listening to your goals. Thank you for entrusting me with your care, and I promise my team and I will do everything possible to get you back in action!

- Tim Wang, M.D.
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Tim Wang, M.D. is a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon at Scripps Health, specializing in Sports Medicine, Knee, and Shoulder Surgery. Dr. Wang sees patients across San Diego County and beyond at Scripps Health facilities in Oceanside, and Encinitas, California. Prior to joining Scripps Health, Dr. Wang served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University Healthcare. He brings the expertise and resources of a world-class research institution to your reach.

Dr. Wang’s clinical practice includes the management of injuries of the knee, shoulder, and elbow using the most innovative arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques. He has particular expertise in complex and/or revision knee surgery, including advanced ACL reconstruction, multiligamentous knee injuries, meniscus injuries, patellofemoral instability, and articular cartilage preservation.


In addition to being Board-Certified, Dr. Wang also received the Subspecialty Board Certificatification in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. This honor denotes a qualification in sports medicine bestowed by virtue of additional subspecialty fellowship training, a practice characterized by high volume of cases in sports medicine, and significant research contributions to the field.

Originally from Chicago, Dr. Wang recognized his passion for medicine early in his career and committed to the Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University, receiving his Bachelor's Degree. He continued his medical training at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. In recognition of his academic achievements, Dr. Wang was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha honors society and also received his medical degree with Distinction in Research. He completed his orthopaedic surgery residency at Stanford University, serving as Chief Resident, and went on to pursue subspecialty training in Sports Medicine, Knee, and Shoulder Surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, the top ranked Orthopaedic hospital in the nation.


While in New York, he served as the Assistant Team Physician for the Brooklyn Nets NBA team and Iona College athletics (NCAA DI MAAC). While at Stanford, Dr. Wang assisted in the care of the Golden State Warriors NBA team and served as Team Physician for Laney College and Merritt College in Oakland, CA. Throughout his career, he has cared for countless collegiate, professional, and Olympic-level athletes.


In addition to taking care of his patients, Dr. Wang has great passion in educating the next generation of physicians. He currently serves a faculty member in the San Diego Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship and serves as a subspecialty instructor for orthopaedic surgeons. Dr. Wang has authored numerous peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters and has presented his work widely at both national and international meetings. He has worked with multiple organizations focused on patient and medical professional education. Dr. Wang lives in San Diego County with his wife and 2 young children. In their free time, they enjoy running, biking, cooking, and exploring restaurants.


  • Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY. Fellowship, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery

  • Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, CA. Residency, Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL. Doctor of Medicine

  • Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Honors Program in Medical Education



  • American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons

  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

  • Arthroscopy Association of North America

  • American Orthopaedic Association

  • Western Orthopaedic Association

Patient Testimonials

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More Patient Testimonials

"I have had 4 ACL revisions going back almost 20 years. I came to Stanford and Tim's office seeking a newer, assertive and forward looking approach that met my active lifestyle needs. I was not interested in what I can't do or how bad my knee was, I only wanted to discuss the possibilities of improving and stabilizing my knee. Tim told me in our first meeting "I can get you more stable" and I put my trust in him from that moment. I went through a two stage surgical process with him. Bone grafting, recovery, then a final revision. My knee has never been as stable or strong as it is now. I'm able to go back to running, surfing etc after years of living with instability and pain. I've had the opportunity to go under the knife with some fantastic surgeons, but nobody was able to do these revisions exactly right. Tim is the best surgeon I've had care for me and I've sought out the best surgeons in the Bay Area and Los Angeles over the past 20+ years. I honestly can say my life is changed with my stable knee. Thank you Tim."

 - Nick M

"After years of pain and different diagnosis from other Dr's we decided to find someone who could truly help my son. Dr Tim Wang is absolutely amazing!!! We had my son's records sent over and he got in him the next day to see him. Everyone was very friendly, we checked in and were seen right away. Dr Wang is extremely personable, upbeat and caring!! He was able to properly diagnose my son and came up with surgical treatment plan right away and yesterday Dr Wang performed a 5 hour long surgery on my son that I truly believe saved his knee and quality of life at 23!  Dr Wang, I can not thank you enough for what you have done for my son. You gave us hope and a plan when other Dr's had left us without any. You gave a 23 year old young man back his life!! Thank you!!!!"

 - Jennifer C

"I have a compound tear of the medial meniscus that another sports med doctor had diagnosed from an MRI. He advised against surgery. Dr. Tim Wang differed in his opinion and was not shy to say so. He sat with me and illustrated how a compound tear creates a flap which is the source of my pain. He answered all questions I had, and again in a second visit, those I had failed to ask. He never pressured me to have surgery and encouraged a course in physical therapy beforehand. I am not one to suffer bureaucracies well. But my experience at Stanford Medical has been surprising in that everyone has been extremely efficient and courteous. Personable really. Coordinator Melina Flores no exception. See for yourself."

 - Ron F

"Dr Wang and his staff are incredible , I had been putting off having ACL reconstruction surgery for years due  to the simple fact that this type of surgery requires months of rehabilitation! Upon meeting DR Wang he assured me that with proper care and PT I would be back on my feet in no time ! Here I am 2 months post op with my high heels back on and feeling fabulous!! I would recommend him to anybody! Thank you"

 - Leticia O

"The best visit with any doctor I ever had. All the staff was super nice, reassuring and they treated me like a person. Dr. Wang took time to come up with the best plan for me. It feels so good to finally have someone understand."

 - Michelle M

"Dr. Wang is brilliant! I have had my 3 month check-up today following an ACL quadricep graft repair. He is very professional and a highly skilled surgeon. He and his team always respond quickly to my questions and concerns. Prior to my operation I was concerned about how the surgical scar would look following the operation due to having keloid prone skin - Dr. Wang listened to my concerns and responded with an appropriate suture and care regimen. Now, my scar is barely noticeable. I am very happy with Dr. Wang's knowledge, humor and professionalism."

 - Y.R.

"Dr Wang is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his patients. He didn't rush the appointment and throughly explained my knee condition as well as my options. The office staff are very friendly, pleasant and professional. The procedures for seeing their patients are very efficient and timely. I was impressed with the onsite X-ray equipment and the doctor already having the results when I saw him. Amazing! I highly recommend Dr Wang."

 - Jill C

"I visited Dr. Wang for my shoulder which had been aching for over a year. He was very able to diagnose the exact problem and advise against surgery which was really great. Doctor suggested physiotherapy instead and advised on the movements I should concentrate on. Physio helped and I was able to play tennis with minimal issues. After Physio, doctor suggested to get a cortisone injection so I can work on strengthening my muscle. I strongly feel that was the best suggestion. My shoulder is now much better and I did not have to go through surgery. I would strongly suggest seeing Dr. Wang if you are dealing with any sort of sports injury."

 - Nachiketh G

'I'm so thankful and lucky to have Dr.Wang as my doctor and surgeon. I have to say that Dr. Wang was not the 1st doctor that I had seen for extreme shoulder pain. But just because he was my 2nd opinion doesn't make him any less than extraordinary. With feeling unhappy with my first doctor treatment I was referred to Dr. Wang's office by a friend. I can remember my 1st appointment like it was yesterday. The moment that Dr. Wang walked into the room I could feel how dedicated and determined he was to help me. He sat with me and listened to all my concerns and complaints of my pain. He took the time to spend with me to help me move forward with treatment. With me being part of the medical/surgical field as well, sometimes I'm not the easiest patient to please with my high standards of how patient care should be. I cannot express how happy I was with Dr. Wang and his staff during my journey before and after my surgery. Even my physical therapist was extremely pleased with how detailed notes and after care treatment is. I would recommend Dr. Wang to all of my family and friends. I hope that you'll be as happy with Dr. Wang's treatment as I've been."

 - Cecilia G

'My elderly father had fallen and hurt his elbow, which had swollen like a balloon, but we were able to get him in to see Dr. Wang just before the holidays. Turns out it was a fracture! Any fear the patient, and I, might have had concerning the healing process or what might have had to be done, quickly faded thanks to the  measured and reassuring way Dr. Wang addressed our concerns. We cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Wang. His empathy for the patient comes thru brilliantly. Understanding that quality life is essential, given the specific circumstances, Dr. Wang's approach was very welcome."

 - Lindsay N

"I saw Dr. Wang at the new Stanford orthopedic facility in Emeryville.  Responding to my complaint of pain in one knee, they took x-rays and I met with Dr. Wang.  The new facility is beautiful, the x-rays were taken promptly and the appointment was on time.  Dr. Wang took the time to do a thorough exam of my knee, explain what the x-rays showed and to talk to me about my general health.  He was thorough and careful.  He prescribed a medication which is proving very effective in helping control inflammation and pain.  I found him very helpful and easy to talk to and highly recommend him."

 - Patty R

'I Recently saw Doctor Wang because of a problem in my knee, having played sports most of my life I have experienced and been treated for numerous injuries.  The treatment I received from him ranks among the best, he diagnosed the problem quickly, recommended a number of options for treatment and assured me that he was going to do everything in his power to fix it.  A very positive experience.  Hopefully there won't be anymore injuries but if there is Doctor Wang has now been officially designated as my go to guy."

 - Tim M

"Few things are more exciting than trying to stay on a 2000 pound bull for eight seconds. And, few things are more exciting than being able to pitch Fastpitch softball for 25 years.  And very few things are more exciting than being in your mid 60s and having Dr. Wang perform your shoulder surgery.  It was such a blessing to find this man. He did an outstanding job and comes highly recommended."

 - Karl S

"I don't give this many stars to a restaurant let alone a clinic, but I've been going in and out of various pain and orthopedic clinics for years, that means you learn about expectations and who can fulfill them and who can't.  I met Dr. Wang and asked him point blank if he knew what he was doing, he laughed and said yes. He looked at my X-Rays and told me exactly what he needed to do and what to expect from them.  He also covered my past ailments I had written off as "can't do anything about" he said he wanted to re-examine them as he had some perspectives on what could be done (more than the usual "you got it, live with it!" attitude). When my procedure was done he and his nurse Melina were totally professional, exceeded my expectations. I walked right out feeling better then I've felt in months. He earned every star that day."

 - Robert T

"That's right-this is as good as it gets! Dr. Wang is everything we all want in a Dr.-knowledgeable, attentive, caring, and productive. I am 75 and have much experiences with medical treatment. Here is a Dr. that produces results and instills confidence. I saw Dr. Wang for help with my knees after 2 scope procedures for each. He not only got me going again, he helped me with related issues I had created by compensating for limited mobility. His staff, especially his medical assistant Melina are so friendly and assuring, somehow it seems as a pleasure to go to his office. I can't say that many of us feel that way about Dr. visits. I am not at all computer literate, or even interested, and this is my first review ever. I'm hopeful this recommendation will help others."

 - Bob E

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